we do data-driven research

Our Office

Zen Space

to build knowledge

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for top-level decision making

Our Office

Zen Space


We love data

Our passion is to add value by building knowledge using data driven research processes. With knowledge, informed decisions can be made with the possible risks and rewards emerging organically from the process.

To build knowledge we ask the right questions and then find out the answers through our data-driven information gathering processes. The process is iterative as the research process typically runs through several feedback loops, leading to increased refinement of our final knowledge.


Demographics Projections

Understanding demographic trends


-> Demographics simulations
-> Demographics profiles from 1950 to 2050
-> Demographics time series projections

Inflation Subscription

Anticipate future inflation

Inflation Monitoring

-> Monthly inflation monitoring reports!
-> Inflation Warnings!

ECI Subscription

Anticipate turning points in the economy

Early Cycle Indicators

-> Monthly ECI reports!
-> Recession Warnings!

Consulting Services

Custom research

Consulting Services

-> For top-level decision makers
-> Macroeconomic trends
-> Macroeconomic risks
-> Industry or product projections